" The Nonsense project is about building and deconstructing, switching the meaning of things, to reveal the absurdity of our society through the look of a fictional character "

Mixing real and unreal, metaphorical and supernatural, the five guys of Nonsense are guiding their audiance through the psychological torments of an adrifted character, result of our « off to the end » society.

The meaning of human acts is being questionned here, through the lyrics as well as the music. Lyrics and riffs are broken down piece by piece, flipped and reversed to reach harmony between the story and the music in order to reveal the final equation. Here, objectivity and subjectivity are merging, leading to a powerful metafiction carried by a hypnotising frontman.

Nonsense has been spotted during their first show at the WarmAudio (Décines, FR) in 2014 by Sounds Like Hell agency, and then enabled them to play twice as support for the band TEXTURES in 2014 and 2016 at the CCO (Villeurbanne, FR), and later, to open at SYLAK OPEN AIR festival. Nonsense is now autoproducted and has integrated an independant Manager/Ar director in its crew.