" Melting the real and the unreal, metaphors and super-natural visions, Nonsense is inviting the spectator to explore numbers of nuances of feelings through a captivating and immersive narration. "

Here, the torment and effects of modern man on his own world are forming the core of the song-writing.

Therefore, lyrics and riffs become the reflects of emotions that are dissected, reversed and torn apart until obtaining a balance, a meaningful message out of this chaos.

The result is a consistent equation regarding the process that is the very essence of the band in which modernity expresses itself by questioning reality and seeking for truth, creating a violent and commited magma.

Nonsense has been spotted during their first show at the WarmAudio (Décines, FR) in 2014 by Sounds Like Hell agency, and then enabled them to play twice as support for the band TEXTURES in 2014 and 2016 at the CCO (Villeurbanne, FR), and later, to open at SYLAK OPEN AIR festival. Nonsense is now autoproducted and has integrated an independant Manager/Ar director in its crew.