Vocals : Olivier Sicaud
Guitars : Sébastien Biola, Raphael De Stefano
Bass : Romain Regal
Drums : Maxime Mangeant

Sébastien Biola (guitar) created Nonsense back in 2012, an experimental music projet on technical and harmonical capacities of metal, in resonance with the growing Djent and prog metal mouvement. Simon Digonnet (drums) and Romain Regal (bass) soon join the band which will find its voice and universe through the wide vocal abilities of Olivier Sicaud, his lyrics and stunning stage presence. Songwriting took another dimension when Raphaël De Stefano joined the band, bringing energy and spontaneity to the process. In 2017, Maxime Mangeant replaced Simon, and took part in writing the second EP.